Youth of the Year

Lucas Tiede, 2017 State Junior Youth of the Year

Congratulations to Lucas Tiede for winning State Jr. Youth of the Year for the state of New Mexico! Lucas is President of Torch Club and has served as Junior Staff for the past few years. He has been a member of the Club since age 6 and considers it his second home. 

State Youth of the Year Competition 

Jacob Griego and Lucas Tiede competed on the state level for youth of the Year. They had to interview in front of a panel of judges and deliver their speech. This is an amazing opportunity that takes someone who is bold and courageous. Congratulations to the both of you for coming this far!

Jacob Griego, 2017 Local Youth of the Year

Jacob was named Youth of the Year for the Pojoaque Boys & Girls Club. He went through the interview process and delivered his speech at the banquet. He was awarded an $1,000 scholarship and an ipad. 
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